Upcoming Events & Workshops


The Food, Medicine, Ecology, & Management of the Ohio River Valley Trees

Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Location:  Treasure Lake
                   Petersburg, KY
The gorgeous Treasure Lake
Cost: $45

Come out to beautiful Treasure Lake, a Permaculture demonstration site, managed for pawpaws and other valuable trees, for a fun, delicious, and education-packed day with two educators who grew up exploring the forests of this bio-region, to talk about the multi-faceted value of this region's woodland trees. 

First, we'll take a walk through the woods, focusing on the botany of the trees, including how to identify them and their families. This gives us clues to their edible and medicinal value. We'll discuss sustainable and ethical harvesting techniques, along with processing, storage, preservation, and cooking tips. Abby will share her personal experiences with foraging and wildcrafting in the local wild places for food, medicine, and income.

Next, we'll take a break for a light tapas lunch, including a farm fresh salad from vegetables grown on the land at Dark Wood Farm, Pawpaw Delight (coconut pawpaw ice cream), and Appalachian Chai tea made from twigs of some of the trees and shrubs we'll meet on the walks. Abby will have her wild harvested herbal remedies and The Forager's Wild Edible & Herbal educational deck of plant cards for sale. 

Then, we'll take a second walk, learning the applied ecology of the trees. By using our senses, we'll discover the architecture of the forest and it's different layers. The more we can connect this way, the easier it becomes to determine which trees best fit in which habitat. Doug will share his experience of turning native forests into food forests and managing for wildlife.

Treasure Lake is a family owned small business operating for the last 35 years in Petersburg, KY, a mix of Appalachia and river town culture just 22 miles from fountain square in Cincinnati, OH.  The place features a wide array of recreation and educational opportunities with the 12 acre pay fishing lake, campgrounds, bar/event center, organic farm known as Dark Wood Farm, ecologically stewarded forest and other permaculture elements. It's rural here giving the local area a much more real sense of community which it supports yet is still just a short drive away from most in the tri-state area and those further south in the hills and hollers of Kentucky.  


Founder of the WANDER (Wild Artemisia Nature Discovery, Empowerment, and Reconnection) School, Botanist, Herbalist, & Professional Forager, Abby Artemisia, lives on the edge of Pisgah National Forest in the Black Mountains of North Carolina. She learned about plants playing in the Midwestern woods, working on organic farms, an herbal apprenticeship, a bachelor’s degree in Botany, and running her own tea business. She teaches about plant identification, native plants, and working with plants for food and medicine throughout the country. Her first book, about herbs for homesteaders, will be released this winter. Her mission is to offer nature and herbal education, creating healing through connection with the natural world and each other, to create local and global health and prosperity. 

Trained as both a Permaculture Designer and Fish and Wildlife Manager, Doug has extensive knowledge surrounding landscape planning and food production systems. This regenerative design and implementation work has spanned the globe ranging in contexts and climates including tropical agro-forestry, Mediterranean organic gardening, and temperate suburban edible landscaping. To facilitate this work he founded TreeYo Permaculture thus building off his other formal training in small business management. Incorporating this knowledge and experience into sustainability educational programming has now become Doug’s main focus as he has settled back at his families land in Northern Kentucky, USA where he continues his ecological design and holistic development model.  


In Partnership with Thrifty Adventures

Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location:  Springmaid Mountain Resort
                   Spruce Pine, NC
Cost: $28
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This is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, with so much to offer in the way of food, medicine, and, of course, beauty. Abby, a botanist, herbalist, and forager, will take you on an adventure into the forest and open spaces to see what free foods and herbs surround us, how we safely and ethically harvest them, and how to preserve them. We'll get to use all of our senses to identify, smell, touch, taste, and learn more about these plants. Bring your questions, field guides, notebooks, and cameras, along with hiking boots, rain jackets, and water bottles. Family friendly. 

SEPTEMBER 29th-30th

Two days of plant walks, foraging, wild food cooking, herbal medicine making, botanical identification, plant and mushroom dyeing, and more!

Location:  721 Upper Browns Creek Rd
                   Burnsville, NC
Cost: $250 (includes all food and materials, add $40/night to for lodging on site)

This is a "retreat" in the true sense of the word. A chance to escape to the forest and mountains, a chance to disconnect and reconnect with our deeper needs, connection with nature and each other, nourishing food and herbs, and a chance to hear what our souls need, what we might not have time to hear in our daily lives. This is a true opportunity for immersion, giving ourselves a chance to absorb traditional skills by being fully in it.

We'll have two whole days to immerse ourselves in plant walks, also including foraging, wild food cooking, botany and plant identification and plant dyeing education, including hands-on dyeing of your own silk scarf and yarn (included in cost) to take home. All in a breathtakingly gorgeous rural setting in the Black Mountains at the base of Mount Mitchell, just minutes from a pristine river and backing up to Pisgah National Forest.

Tickets are $250 per person which includes simple breakfast and lunch both days, foraged dinner Saturday, all the herbal tea you can drink, and all materials (including silk card and yarn for dyeing).

Lodging onsite for a small fee (first come, first served), camping options nearby. Contact Abby for details.

We will start at 10:00 Saturday morning with a continental breakfast, and time to connect and get to know each other. Then, we'll head out on a plant walk, rain or shine (bring rain gear and sun protection). We'll learn some basic botany to identify wild edible, herbal, and dye plants and mushrooms. Then we'll do some foraging! You'll get to see and experience the safest and most sustainable ways to harvest, process, and preserve these plants.

We will come back for lunch and relaxation inside or outside for an hour. Then, we'll reconvene and have an herbal tea class where we'll learn the art of creating tea blends. It truly is an art, learning which tastes and actions fit best together. We'll get to experiment and make our own blends to take home.

After a short break, we'll work together in a wild food cooking class to create a scrumptious dinner, supplemented with some locally grown goodies. Lastly, we'll get to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor (literally), slow food the way it was meant to be.

Sunday morning we'll rise to breakfast then gather at 10:00 for a fun day of dye. Autumn is the best time for natural dyes!!! Kelly will be joining us to show you just how easy natural dyes can be!

We will be using all local and native plants- goldenrod, blackberry leaves, dyer's polypore, black walnut, and a few more surprises await. We will explore the rich color palate found in our amazing native plants and mushrooms. This class will offer education on the optimal plants for dyes and discuss different types of mordants (color fixatives) and common color extraction techniques, as we go through the entire process of natural plant dyeing. Participants will take home their own silk scarf made from a color of their choosing and a sample card of wool yarn with all of the colors that we make that day.

Bring a *small natural fiber* for the dye pots, if you like.

The day will also include a lunch break and another wild plant walk to reinforce what we learned yesterday. Time will be built in for individual connection with the plants and nature. We'll end mid-afternoon, so you have time to get home with all your goodies and knowleddge.

A little bit more about Kelly:

Kelly Gaskill

Kelly resides in western North Carolina, she has a background as a horticulturist, but more recently she spends her days gardening, crafting, exploring forest trails, and educating children in nature. Kelly brings her plant knowledge and love of the natural world together with her joy of crafting and creativity to the dye pot.

An exuberant experimenter, she has developed a vast knowledge of dye plants, mushrooms and lichens of the Appalachian mountains and beyond. She has been sharing and teaching natural dyes and eco-print design for the past 6 years.