I love teaching! I have a diverse range of offerings that utilize my skills, but am happy to try to accommodate your group and yo...

Botany Services Near Asheville

I love teaching! I have a diverse range of offerings that utilize my skills, but am happy to try to accommodate your group and your ideas. Just ask! Prices vary and there are various tiers to suit your needs and budget. It's important to me to offer a fair price and good value. Just let me know what you're thinking and we'll design something to fit. Contact me for more information; I'd love to talk to you!

Wild Foraging & Herbal Medicine Making Apprenticeship

There are a lot of herbal education programs out there, many more expensive than mine. So, what makes this one different? This program is completely hands-on and almost completely outdoors, in the natural habitat of the plants! Every season, apprentices rave about what a unique experience this is, offering what they've always looked for, but never been able to find. 

From a previous apprentice:
"[The apprenticeship] has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I have learned so much from Abby and plan to continue. I would highly recommend to anyone who has an opportunity to attend a class, workshop, or her WANDER School, to DO IT!" - Lisa S.

Past apprentices have valued the gift of a day a week spent in nature. That simple time is life changing. Throughout the seasons, we become a close community, connecting to the earth, the plants, and each other, growing and learning together. This program is for all levels of plant enthusiasts, removing intimidation and fear of wild plant identification, teaching basic to intermediate botany, demonstrating herbal formulating techniques and so much more through a mix of the following and more (*season and weather dependent):

  • Hands-on Foraging/Wildcrafting (including instruction in safety, ethics, sustainability, and proper tools and foraging techniques)
  • Processing foraged/wildcrafted items (with information on preservation, cooking, and storage)
  • Herbal Medicine Making (of a wide range of herbal formulas and products, with samples and recipes to take home)
  • Small amounts of herb gardening (including seeding, multiple propagation techniques, and harvesting for medicine making)

Apprenticeship Dates (subject to change)

4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2, 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/30

6/20, 6/27, no class July 4th, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15

Your responsibilities:

A strong commitment to the apprenticeship. This means:

Showing up every week, unless we’ve made other arrangements. I’m willing to be flexible in cases where I’m sure the apprentice is serious, but has other unchangeable commitments.

Being on time.

Being an engaged and active participant. The only limits to what you can learn are your own willingness and interest.

An energy exchange:

For most folks this will mean you trade me $480.00/season for my time, and you get an education far exceeding that price. 

In cases of financial hardship, I’m willing to consider work trade. I know what it means to struggle financially. However, those who are trading need to be even more committed. After the program has filled, I will offer two work trade positions, including help setting up, cleaning up, and packing up on apprentice days, along with work in the garden at Sacred Mountain, most likely Thursdays.

Fun & hard work. You will get half an hour for lunch and a couple of other short breaks. Bring your own lunch and snack. There will be plenty of spring water and herbal tea that we can make.

Lots of outdoor time. That means being prepared with good sturdy footwear for rough terrain, long pants for walking through possible brambles, and clothing for a variety of weather (cold, hot, wet). Layers are good.

You can expect:

A serious commitment from me. This means:

Being prepared and ready to teach you when you are here. Again, the only limits to what you can learn are your own willingness and interest. However: I do have my own life, family and lots of other business commitments. While I’m open to answering questions outside of our assigned day, I will have to have limits as to how much I’m able to communicate with you outside of that time and still attend to my life.

Education on a wide array of topics, including, but not limited to:
  • Sustainable Wildcrafting/Foraging
  • Botany
  • Herbal Medicine Making
  • Wild Foods Preparation and Preservation
  • Apothecary Creation
  • Running a Small Business
  • Teaching
  • Botanical and Herbal Research
  • Maintaining your health with herbs

What we should be able to expect from each other:
  • Open and honest communication of feelings and needs.
  • Compassionate feedback. If something is or isn’t working for you, I want to know. This is your program, too, and I want us both to get our needs met if at all possible. In the same vein, because your goal is to learn, I’ll let you know what you’re doing a great job at, and what you could improve on to help you succeed. The compassion part is important to me. Let’s try to remember we’re both human and not take anything too personally, but deliver feedback with gentleness. I try to employ the concepts of NonViolent Communication (NVC). This is an opportunity to learn about communication, too, which is vital to succeed in any environment.

Thanks so much for your interest! I’m looking forward to learning and growing together.


There are a limited number of spaces for each season to accommodate the hands-on nature of the program and create a close-knit learning community.

 Botanical Property Survey

Want to know more about what's growing on your land? Want to find out what you can safely eat or work with as an herb? I offer botanical property surveys just for you. You'll get to come out with me for a botanical walkabout of your property. 

The walk takes at least a couple of hours, and you will get to ask burning questions you've been dying to have answered. Afterward, I will provide you with a spreadsheet of the edible, medicinal, and poisonous plants on your land. The price is $150 for the first two hours and the spreadsheet (+ transportation fees), and $50 for each additional hour. If you have a large property, want something more detailed, or are interested in learning what is growing through each seasonal change, we can discuss how to make that happen. Invite your friends, family, or neighbors, and make it a party! Email me now for more info, and to schedule. 

Edible & Medicinal Plant Walk

My favorite thing is to take groups of people out in the woods and teach about the plants growing all around us, usually right outside our back doors. I offer frequent public group walks around the region. For more information on those, check the events page. If you'd like to bring together your own group for a private walk, it can be held in the local (currently either the greater Asheville (NC) or greater Cincinnati (OH) area, though I do travel by request) park of your choice or I can offer some suggestions. This is great for school or scout groups, foodie groups, wilderness survivalists or outdoor adventurers, you name it!

Botany or Herbalism Classes 

I teach a range of topics or can design something around your interests. This can be in your home or I can make a space available for you that fits your needs. This includes presentations for school or community groups, too. I'll help you identify native, edible, and/or medicinal plants in your own backyard or your organization's property. I can also help you design your garden or plant map to include these plants. Check out my existing class schedule at http://www.wildartemisia.com/p/events.html

Gift Certificates Now Available!

Gift certificates can be used for just about anything I offer, including Botanical Property Surveys, workshops, the Wild Apprenticeship Program, plant walks, or herbal products. They're a great way to treat someone you love or say thanks! Just get in touch to let me know the details.