A Little About My Background My interest in the botanical world first began as a child, climbing trees, hiking in the woods and t...

Abby Artemisia, Herbalist, Botanist, and Forager

A Little About My Background

My interest in the botanical world first began as a child, climbing trees, hiking in the woods and tromping through the creek behind my house. I had my own herbal tea business for five years because it was a career I could have while still spending time with my young daughter. While this sparked my interest in medicinal plants, I missed being in the woods and having a direct connection with the plants. I herniated a disc in my back, leaving me immobile for months. My recovery included therapeutic walks in the woods. I started to take my field guide out into the woods and taught myself how to identify wild plants.

I researched their edible and medicinal uses, and decided to go back to school at Miami University to get a degree in Botany. At Miami, I worked at the Botanical Conservatory and took my first and favorite botany class, Field Botany, which I ended up assistant teaching three times. My favorite thing is to take people out in the woods and teach them about the plants that grow all around them.

I have been teaching myself about herbs and apprenticing as an Herbalist for years. My own journey (childbirth, recovery from an injury, etc) have taught me much about healing and given me empathy for others. In a world where we tend to be disconnected from ou​r bodies, depend on doctors, and spend a large amount of our resources on healthcare and medication, part of my mission is to empower people with their own healthcare and that of their families. I believe that for every ailment, there is a plant growing closeby that can offer relief. I also believe that many of our modern ailments are a result of not enough time spent in nature. I believe in the ideas mentioned in the book, "Last Child in the Woods," and that nature can be often be our best therapy.

 Another reason I wanted to start my own business was to teach my ten-year-old daughter that she can do whatever she wants with her life; she can be whatever she wants to be. Right now she wants to be a botanist or a pop star and she knows either is fine with me.

I have a vision board on my wall and one of my quotes posted on it says, "Turn your passion into a career." That's the plan. I heard a TED Talk (love these!) on this theme and the speaker was talking about getting to the point where you just "can't not do it anymore." That's how I felt. I believe we all have a calling, a gift. By not taking advantage of my gift, I wouldn't be honoring it, I wouldn't be of service to the world. So here we are, on this journey together, through the woods, to better health, and being our best selves.