Yes, it's that time again! No, not the holidays silly, it's time for the winter CSH share . What's a CSH share, you ask? ...

Treat Yourself to Winter Health


Yes, it's that time again! No, not the holidays silly, it's time for the winter CSH share. What's a CSH share, you ask? It's like a CSA share, or Community Supported Agriculture share. This is an awesome idea started by farmers that has started catching on (and even spread to us herbalists). The idea is that you pay the farmer a certain amount up front for the year. The farmer uses this money to buy seeds and equipment that they need to grow their crops for the year. In return, you get a share of whatever the farmer grows that year. It's a win-win!

A CSH share, or Community Supported Herbalism share, works a little differently, especially dependent on which herbalist you talk to. Just like I love to say: If you ask 10 herbalists the same question, you'll probably get at least 10 different answers! Anyway . . . the way I work my CSH shares, is that I offer a small and a large share of whatever formulas I make each season from wild herbs I've harvested the previous season(s). I make the formulas pertinent for whatever ailments might come up during that season, with some bonus fun additions.

Actually, I wasn't going to offer the CSH anymore because they can be an awful lot of work. However, after many of you asked me about when the next one would be out and told me you needed it, I decided to oblige :) It is pretty awesome to get to see and hear about you enjoying these formulas I've worked so hard to create from plants I've sustainably harvested. It's definitely a labor of love, and it's so cool how the whole community benefits!

This winter, there's 2 different shares, the Simply Winter Health, or small share, and the Treat Yourself to Winter Health (pictured above), or large share. They both come with my most popular formula, the High-C  Elderberry syrup with foraged elderberries, sumac berries, and rose hips, along with the Incendiary Fire Tonic hot sauce to keep you warm and healthy all winter long; and the Pucker Up lip balm based on my Every Purpose salve (that comes in the large share). You'll also get two new formulas that I'm super excited about: my Evergreen Salt, a great seasoning for holiday meats and more, and Clear the Crud sinus formula tincture (thanks, Natalie for the name!). That one is a mega blend of the fire tonic and elderberry syrup, mixed with wild harvested reishi mushrooms, usnea lichen, ground ivy, yarrow, self-heal, yellowroot, and local turmeric. Woah! Besides the salve, the large share includes the Mondo Mintastic tea with 3 wild harvested mints and peppermint, and the crowd favorite, the Harmony tincture, with herbs long valued for their mood lifting effects. (Find out more about the traditional mood-lifting herbs in this tincture, here.)
Treat Yourself to Winter Health CSH share
High-C Elderberry Syrup

CSH shares make great gifts for someone you love or your very lovely self for winter health support all winter long! Check it out now at The WANDER School Etsy Store. 

Wishing you a very happy, healthy, and joyful season! And if you need some other health and joy support, check out these great blogs from The WANDER School archives:
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Stay tuned for my brand new recipe for Banana Cacao Bread with Foraged Nuts!

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