Harbinger of Spring I have Spring Fever, bad!  I had the flu for the beginning of the week, but managed to ward off the majority of...

Plant Walk: Harbinger, Witch Hazel, Trout Lillies

Harbinger of Spring

I have Spring Fever, bad!  I had the flu for the beginning of the week, but managed to ward off the majority of it with the help of herbs; I'm so grateful to the plants.  I was about to lose it, huddled up inside my stuffy apartment while the weather is so gorgeous with the first tinges of Spring.  

So today I finally got out for a hike with one of my besties, Dan.  Dan calls best friends, besties.  We can be super silly together.  We started this "Friday hikey hike" (as he calls it) about two years ago.  And almost every Friday since we have hiked in sun, rain, snow, wind, or whatever.  Others come and go, but we hold strong because we have this undying love of the woods (and somewhat flexible schedules).  Seriously, if I don't get out in the woods everyday, I start to get cranky. A little obsessive? Yes!

Sunday I saw the very first spring ephemeral wildflower, Harbinger of Spring!  I wait with as much patience as I can muster to see these amazing tiny beauties.  The sight of them gives me so much hope.  It's like an analogy for life: just like nature is reborn every spring over and over again, so we have the opportunity for rebirth over and over again, to make ourselves into who we dream to be.

Harbinger of Spring, or Erigenia bulbosa, is in the Apiaceae, or carrot, family.  It's also been called Pepper and Salt because it tastes like guess what.  I think it's pretty tasty myself.  It's native to this area and all of the midwest, spreading north to Canada and south almost to Florida, west to Kansas and east to New York.

Here's some other pics I'm excited about from today's hike.

Witch hazel in bloom

Look close and you can see the first tiny trout lily buds

Somebody has got to figure out how to make a bench or something out of this.  Wish I could lift it!
The coolest beech log in the world!
And then, when I got  home:
Garter snake sunning itself under the overcast sky

Hope you enjoyed our first adventure.  Let me know what you think.

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  1. Thanks for taking us on the Friday hikey hike. Looking forward to more notes from the greenwood.

  2. Thanks, Blue, that means a lot coming from such a great writer like yourself!

  3. Thanks for documenting some of my favorite signs of spring. It's a good reminder that I need to get my own butt out there (and those of my daughters) and see all this, too!

  4. Thank you Alice! I was hoping this blog would be a motivator. This is the perfect time, too! Enjoy the wilds.